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Planning Administration

Clark County Planning Services

Clark County, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group previously served as the Planning Director in 2021 and currently serves as staff for Clark County, Indiana that includes the unincorporated areas of the county as well as Borden. As staff to the Plan Commission and BZA, TSWDG administers the county’s Unified Development Ordinance, reviews and provides staff recommendations on all applications, meets with applicants to answer questions, prepares agendas / meeting packets, and provides oversight for building permits and department staff.

Staff reports and recommendations, including findings of fact for BZA petitions, are drafted for all Plan Commission and BZA petitions. Processes, forms, and approval/denial forms have also been standardized for easier administration. TSWDG also provides cross-training for all of the staff in order to eliminate positions where only one person can complete an essential task.
TSWDG has also assisted with transitioning to online permitting through GeoPermits. This included helping build workflows, applications, and approvals for all Plan Commission and BZA applications.


Clark County

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