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Public Open Space Design

Turn to the River

Terre Haute, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group led the design of the signature public open space between the Vigo County Courthouse, Terre Haute City Hall, and the Wabash Riverfront. The project, known as “Turn to the River,” is guided by Art Spaces, who’s vision is to capture the spirit of the Wabash River and reconnect the community to this iconic local asset.

The concept plan for the project created a series of rooms that focused various programming or activity within those central locations. These spaces include a variety of activity spaces including:

The Gather Room, where larger community events and festivals could be facilitated;
The Celebrate Room, which is the central formal plaza between the Courthouse and City Hall;
The Reflect Room, where passive garden-like spaces provide a tranquil setting for memorials and sculpture,
The Connect Room, which is the central pedestrian promenade. This spine serves as the connection between downtown Terre Haute and the Indiana State University Campus, through the governmental campus and finally to the riverfront terminus;
The Nest Room, which is the terminus overlook at the riverfront and is a setting for featured sculpture and interpretive environmental art.

The final construction engineering is anticipated to be completed in phases over the next few years, with the initial phase of the “Celebrate Room” or central plaza being constructed in 2021/2022.


Art Spaces, Inc

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