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Transportation Study

Brown's Station Way

Clarksville, Indiana


The Brown’s Station Way Master Plan is a transportation study that spans from the intersection with I-65 to Silver Creek in the Town of Clarksville, IN. Brown’s Station Way is a major corridor on the edge of south Clarksville connecting east and west Clarksville. It is primarily located in the Town of Clarksville, IN and is approximately 1.8 miles in length. The goal of this study was to provide recommendations for improving safety, reducing speed, and providing better neighborhood and trail connectivity while balancing the needs of pedestrians, bicycles, and transit.

The study included an evaluation and analysis of existing and projected traffic conditions, a safety analysis at intersections along the corridor, an analysis of demographic and transportation conditions, recommendations for future needs, a prioritized list of potential projects with planning-level cost estimates, potential right-of-way impacts, and public involvement. As the subconsultant on the project, TSWDG was in charge of study coordination, public involvement, an analysis of future conditions, conceptual-level design concepts for urban design elements, cost estimation, and report documentation.


Town of Clarksville Redevelopment Commission

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