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Parks and Recreation Planning

Richmond Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Richmond, Indiana


The 2020 Richmond Comprehensive Parks Master Plan outlines a 5-year vision for the development, improvement, maintenance and operation of the City’s entire park and recreation system. While specific in its focus, it should also be seen as a complement to the City’s 2019 Richmond Rising: A Community Action Plan. Together, the documents outline goals, strategies and action steps that allow all Richmond leaders, department heads, business owners, community stakeholders and residents to work together to grow the population and workforce, build systems that support the community, connect the city’s destinations and districts, protect the region’s natural assets, and celebrate Richmond’s unique history and culture.

Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group utilized a five-phase, data-driven approach including programming, research and analysis, park facilities, planning strategies and plan adoption. The programming phase includes project orientation and organization. The research and analysis phase includes developing a comprehensive understanding of existing parks system conditions. The park facilities phase includes developing a comprehensive understanding of parks system offerings, and how the parks system is currently perceived by the community. The planning strategies phase includes developing planning strategies for the future. Finally, the plan adoption phase includes identifying potential partnerships and completing the planning toolkit.


Richmond Department of Parks and Recreation

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