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Orange County

Community Center Needs Assessment

Please help us as we IMAGINE the potential, DESIGN the best space for our community, and CREATE a plan of action for the future.


Let’s IMAGINE the potential for the community.

This process is intended to assess the current needs and future priorities related to recreational and social programming within Orange County.


Let’s DESIGN the space that best serves your community.

This process will include evaluating the adaptive reuse potential of an existing facility (1901 W Main Street Paoli, IN) to address the county’s need for a community center.


Let’s CREATE a plan of action so we can work together.  

This assessment will outline strategies for how to make this dream a reality. This action plan will identify the next step for constructing the facility and potential resources for ongoing operations and management.


For this process to consider your perceptions, needs, and ideas, we are asking for your input! Share your ideas today, and check back often for additional opportunities for input!

Typing on the Computer

Online Survey #1

Community input surveys provided the project team with more detailed information related to the current perceptions and needs of the county.

Public Meeting

The project team will host three public workshops in various locations in Orange County. These public open houses will be used to share updates and collect input related to youth programming, services, and resources.

April 25 at 5:30PM

Orleans Town Hall

161 E. Monroe St. Orleans, IN

May 2 at 5:30PM

Abbeydale Hall

7328 W. CR 100 N. West Baden Springs, IN

May 9 at 5:30PM

Team OC Office

264 NW Court St. Paoli, IN

Working Together on Project


In December 2023, a 15-person committee came together to discuss a challenge that each individual is extremely passionate about – the youth in Orange County. This committee is made up of representatives from local schools, churches, and healthcare institutions. Over the last decade, various organizations have completed several data-driven studies and community surveys that all point to one thing – Orange County needs to pay special attention to its youth. Children, especially 6th-12th grade, are facing difficult circumstances at home. This situation is compounded by the limited availability of resources, facilities, and after-school programs for this age group.

For this reason, Orange County is conducting a Needs Assessment to evaluate the county’s need and desire for a county-wide community facility that could offer a broad range of new programs.


The Orange County Community Center Needs Assessment includes four key parts that make up an eight-month planning process. It is anticipated that the needs assessment will be finalized in September 2024.

Part 1: Assessment of Existing Conditions and Perceptions 
February – April 2024
Part 1 of the planning process will include data collection and the development of engagement tools for collecting and analyzing perceptions regarding adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and understanding the programmatic needs of the county. 

Part 2: Public Outreach and Engagement 
April – June 2024
Using the information from Part 1 and the feedback received from the committee, Part 2 of the planning process will focus on providing opportunities for people of all ages to get involved in the process and share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas for the future. The community will be invited to participate in a survey, visit the project website, and attend a series of public meetings. 

Part 3: Preliminary Programmatic Study and Recommendations
June – August 2024
Part 3 of the planning process includes applying the information collected from the public engagement efforts to examine the feasibility of re-using the proposed building and determine how the facility can be programmed to meet the needs of the county. 

Part 4: Final Plan Development 
September 2024
The final part of the planning process will be preparing a final document that summarizes the process, input gathered, and strategy recommendations for how to move forward. The final plan will include a programmatic overview of the existing structure and a prioritized list of recommendations. 


The planning process will include multiple meetings, presentations, and online engagement opportunities. To ensure that everyone can stay updated on the team’s progress, we encourage you to review project materials and key findings throughout the process.


Meeting Summary- Coming Soon

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