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A Special Message to our Families, Clients and Colleagues on TSWDG’s 5th Anniversary

Today, Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group is celebrating our 5th Anniversary and we wanted to take a moment to reflect and to thank our staff, family, friends, and colleagues who have supported us and helped to make the firm a success. We started this endeavor five years ago with the notion that we could make a difference in the communities where we work and live. We believed that our creative and collaborative approach to planning and design would be welcomed in communities across Indiana and Kentucky and that we could truly help to improve the quality of life in communities. We wanted to be engaged in our local communities, invested in the places we lived, and to be active leaders in our home communities. And we wanted the firm to be a place that fostered new ideas and creativity, attracted bright and creative individuals, and garnered credibility and recognition based upon our investment, passion, and engagement. As we take an opportunity to look back over the last five years, we would like to believe that we are off to a successful start in many of the things we had hoped to do when we started TSWDG.

Some of our notable accomplishments over the last five years include:

  • In the past five years, we have worked in over 30 communities in Indiana and Kentucky.

  • We have focused our marketing efforts on projects that truly impact the communities where we work, and we have developed clients we’re proud to partner with.

  • We have worked on over 45 projects in the last five years and have had several repeat clients or several projects from the same client.

  • Our work has spanned the urban design and planning spectrum from community comprehensive plans, to master planning, to design and construction.

  • We have grown from one office in a business incubator in Louisville to two fully-functional offices in Louisville and Indianapolis and are about to expand again with membership in Current Blend, a work co-op space in Huntingburg to support the stellar efforts there.

  • We have doubled in size from three to six employees, and anticipate additional growth in the coming weeks.

  • Our sales and revenues have steadily grown in each of the years since our inception, building to a record high in 2016.

  • And we have received recognitions and awards for both our projects and our personnel.

We are proud of what has been accomplished over our short five years, and are excited by what we see happening with the firm as we begin our 6th year. To date, 2016 is proving to be our best year ever:

  • Our relationship building is resulting in continual repeat commissions with several clients demonstrating that the relationships we continue to build are leveraging strong and lastinngn relationships.

  • The approval of our Fourth Street project in Huntingburg last week was our largest sale to date for the firm (unseating the Indy Greenways Master Plan).

  • In 2016, we have nearly doubled our sales from 2015 (get ready to get busy!).

  • We have continued to be recognized with design awards and other recognitions that have solidified our place within the industry and made the firm a credible contender in many of our areas of practice. We also were recently nominated for the Inc.Credible Awards from Greater Louisville, Inc. recognizing up and coming businesses in the Louisville area.

  • Our staff continues to be recognized for their professional distinctions including Haley’s recent inclusion in the “45 most influential members of the Young Professionals Association of Louisville’s Insider 502 program,” Scott’s upcoming election to Fellowship with the American Society of Landscape Architects, and Liz receiving her landscape architecture license just this week (BTW- that means we also have doubled our number of licensed landscape architects in the firm).

  • And we have continued to develop and deliver creative and sound solutions and products on all of our work.

While we are proud of these successes, we are particularly proud of the investment TSWDG and its staff have all made in our communities. We are investing in our communities through volunteer service such as Kris’ artistic endeavors with Indy Parks and the City of Indianapolis, and Liz’s work with Relay for Life and the Bone Marrow Registry. We are investing in community programs with efforts such as our sponsorship of Northside Soccer in Indianapolis, our ongoing conversations with the Indianapolis Parks Foundation about programming for the elderly and disadvantaged on Indy’s greenways, our membership with One Southern Indiana, and our sponsorship of the Southern Indiana Mayor’s Roundtable. And we are invested in our professions with engagement such Haley’s involvement with YPAL, Amy’s leadership in APA and the Friends of the Ohio River Greenways, and Liz and Kris’s service on the INASLA Executive Committee. Each member of the firm brings a passion that reflects the type of success and character we want to be known for, and we are proud to be so engaged in the communities where we work and live.

Over the past five years, we have been privileged to work with some amazing communities, wonderful clients, and creative landscape architects and planners. Thanks to all of our families, clients and colleagues for your support over the last five years. As we move into year six, we continue to be excited about the firm and about the opportunities that still await all of us.

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