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Shawn Dade, AICP joins the office

We are excited to share that Shawn Dade has joined our Louisville office as a senior planner. Shawn is a planner with a background in community planning projects that range from zoning and policy development to downtown development plans to regional equitable mobility action plans. He is passionate about community growth and sustainability and strives to further understand how communities can craft planning strategies and policies that reflect more comprehensive economic and vision-oriented growth. He believes that every community has the ability to achieve its needs for economic development that will benefit the residents and visitors of the area, no matter the scale. Shawn holds a BS in Hospitality Administration from Western Kentucky University and a BS in Political Science from Kentucky State University. He received his master’s degree from the University of Louisville Department of Urban and Public Affairs where he specialized in Land Use and Environmental Planning. Please join us in welcoming Shawn to the firm!

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