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Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group Recognized as Outstanding Corporation for Trail Development in Indiana

Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group, LLC, a leading landscape architecture firm, has been honored as the Outstanding Corporation for 2023 by the Greenways Foundation for their exemplary contributions to trail development across Indiana. Through their innovative projects and dedication to enhancing the quality of life for Hoosiers, the firm has left an indelible mark on communities statewide.

Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group's commitment to trail development is exemplified by their pivotal role in authoring the Indy Greenways Full Circle Master Plan, a landmark achievement in the advancement of Indianapolis's greenway system. This comprehensive update, the first since 1994, presents a visionary blueprint for the future, introducing concepts such as a 64-mile multi-modal loop encircling the city. With over 139 miles of new trail development and enhancements to existing greenways, the plan sets forth over 250 miles of interconnected trails within Indianapolis, fostering connectivity and accessibility for all.

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