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Comprehensive Planning

Berea Comprehensive Plan

Berea, Kentucky


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group prepared the new Comprehensive Plan for Berea that meets KRS requirements and updates the vision, goals, objectives and plan elements to reflect progress that has been made over the past five years as well as address new or emerging challenges for the City. The planning process also included public engagement throughout each phase of the process and collected many ideas and priorities from residents and the steering committee almost during the COVID-19 Pandemic, facilitating the community input and plan development all virtually.

In addition to addressing new challenges and progress made, the plan update included combining repetitive or similar goals and objectives to focus efforts and make the document more user-friendly. As an example, many of the objectives that were divided into each plan element section that referenced the quality, quantity and location of development were moved to the land use section so that it could be referenced in one location. Priorities for this plan included coordinating growth with the County and nearby Richmond, increase transportation alternatives such as public transit and walkability, improve existing infrastructure and quality of life amenities to support growth, actively support the vibrant arts and craft community, and support the success of local businesses and tourism.

The plan received the 2021 Outstanding Use of Innovative Technology Award from the Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association.


City of Berea

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