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Broadband Planning

Broadband Readiness Community Plan

Various Indiana Communities


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group facilitated a community planning and infrastructure design process to complete a Broadband Readiness Plan for the communities of Dale, Crawford County (English, Marengo and Milltown), Greene County (Bloomfield, Jasonville, Smith Township, Switz City and Worthington) and Starke County, Indiana as a component of OCRA’s Broadband Readiness Pilot Program.

The plans outlined the existing demographic, economic and educational profile of the county and the incorporated communities, the existing broadband availability (known providers, speeds and pricing options) and identified all potential subscribers including residences, businesses and community facilities. Using the data identified and developed during the process, our team provided these communities with a complete broadband readiness action plan that identified realistic deployment models, anticipated costs, and recommended phasing and resources that can assist in implementation. The plan’s implementation frameworks will also identify policy changes or improvements that could be made within each community to streamline the review and approval of broadband infrastructure in the future.

Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group led the team for each community broadband effort and was responsible for facilitating all components of the planning process including research, analysis, visioning and identifying implementation action steps.


Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs

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