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Gateway and Placemaking

Charlestown Streetscape and Entry

Charlestown, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group assisted the City of Charlestown with developing design concepts for streetscape enhancements, including drainage and utilities and City entry signage for the Market Street (SR 3)/Pike Street area. The project area includes SR 3 from the intersection with SR 62 to the Pike Street intersection, as well as a small section of Pike Street beginning at SR 3. Project goals included identifying necessary intersection improvements, improving connectivity at intersections and to adjacent developments, improving the sense of place/sense of arrival, and integrating recommended improvements into the character of adjacent proposed developments.

Taking into account the proposed traffic lane recommendations, the conceptual master plan identifies a series of streetscape and signage recommendations aimed at increasing connectivity, creating safe crossings, and enhancing the sense of place and arrival to Charlestown. Pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements along Market and Pike Streets include new urban trails, new curb and gutter, appropriate pedestrian infrastructure including accessible curb ramps and crosswalks, and corridor lighting. Pedestrian improvements along SR 62 include a shared-use path to Charlestown State Park, a concrete sidewalk to River Ridge, new pedestrian crossings, and pedestrian landing pads.


City of Charlestown

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