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Wayfinding and Signage

Community Wayfinding Program

Corydon, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group worked with Main Street Corydon to design and implement various wayfinding signs throughout Corydon, Indiana. Corydon is a regional tourist destination near Louisville, Kentucky that offers many attractions such as various nearby parks, fairgrounds, historical attractions, and shopping. This project included the design of directional signs, pedestrian wayfinding maps, large pedestrian directory maps, and a gateway sign. TSWDG coordinated with the Indiana Office of Tourism Development and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to obtain permits for signs in the right-of-way of State Roads.

After the work initial work was completed, Taylor Siefker Williams completed a Phase 2 of this project that included updating the system and design of several sign types as well as their location, sign content, and coordination with the State of Indiana for permitting. The Directory Map, located in their first Town park, farmer’s market, and fairground, was designed to be able to be updated as needed. The sign included a directory map on one side, and yearly events on the other side. These were updated through durable stickers that could be placed on the sign each year, or as needed.

Our role in this project was to update the map graphic and event graphic on each side to include new businesses and as well as the dates of the next year’s events. Our team designed the replacement stickers and coordinated with local businesses and Main Street Corydon to ensure the correct information was displayed on the map and event side of the sign.


Main Street Corydon

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