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Stellar Communities

Corydon Stellar Community Program

Corydon, Indiana


After working with the community of Corydon to complete several planning and design projects, Taylor Siefker Williams assisted the Town’s application and subsequent programming as part of the State of Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs Stellar Community Program. TSWDG led the development of the Letter of Interest and Strategic Investment Plan for the community. As part of these tasks, the team executed and coordinated the state selection committee site visit and facilitated the overall coordination for the application process. This project included collaboration from all major stakeholders within the community, as well as continually engaging the public throughout the process to gain support and feedback.

Prior to the work on the Stellar Community Program, TSWDG assisted Corydon initially define their community vision and priority projects through the public engagement process that was conducted for the Corydon Comprehensive Plan and the Main Street Downtown Focus Plan. Using these planning processes, experience working with the community leaders, and thorough knowledge of the community as a baseline, our team was able help Corydon execute a well-developed Stellar Communities Application that surpassed much larger communities in capacity, leadership, public and private leverage and overall return on investment. As a result of these efforts, Corydon was successful in becoming a Stellar Community Designee for the under 6,000 population category. Upon the award, TSWDG continued to work in an advisory capacity to help facility the implementation of the stellar program initiatives.

As a result of this effort, Corydon was recognized as the 2016 Indiana Stellar Communities Designee.


Town of Corydon

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