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Complete Streets

Dixie Highway BRT

Louisville, Kentucky


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group led the development of the complete streets portion of the New Dixie Highway plan which brings the first ever BRT bus system to Louisville, KY. The plan envisioned a complete transportation system that creates a safe and enjoyable corridor for all modes of commuters. As the Complete Streets lead, Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group worked with the community, local business leaders, and other stakeholders to develop a focused approach towards improving non-vehicular movement through the corridor. Two key Complete Streets design objectives are:

Design for Pedestrians – The existing corridor has one of the highest rates of fatalities for any roadway in the state. In compliance with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and American with Disability Act Design Guidelines, the design team is proposing to improve pedestrian safety by providing the maximum allowable pedestrian space with larger sidewalks. In addition to increased pedestrian space, design alternatives are being explored that call attention to the edges between pedestrian and vehicular movements.

Civic Pride through Design – In addition to improving safety, the project seeks to create a vibrant corridor that becomes a source of pride for the community. The Complete Streets portion of the project proposes the use of specially scored concrete, paver accents, and focused ornamental planting to call attention areas of interest such as proposed Town Center locations, intersections, and areas of high commercial activity.


Louisville Metro- Transportation Planning

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