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Greenways and Trails Planning

Dubois County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Dubois County, Indiana


Dubois County undertook a county-wide bicycle and Pedestrian Master plan that sought to provide bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between its local communities and to provide connectivity to many of the regional attractions in an around the County, including over 300,000 acres of national, state and local natural areas and parks within a 30-mile radius. Through a robust public engagement process, the design team evaluated and prioritized connection and route options and developed a system that utilized on-street County Bike Routes, on-street County Bike and Pedestrian Routes, and prioritized multi-modal Shared-use Pathway connections, resulting in a new 250-mile county-wide bike and pedestrian network. The project demonstrates how infrastructure and sound transportation planning principles can be incorporated into broader community strategies, resulting in smarter use and investment in a county’s transportation infrastructure. Six goals guided the planning process:

1. Create a county-wide network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities which Increases CONNECTIVITY
between communities and key destinations.

2. Provide for SAFE bicycle and pedestrian facilities, with appropriate and modern INFRASTRUCTURE.

3. Raise AWARENESS of the benefits bike and pedestrian facilities can bring to the health of the county’s
residents, economy, and environment.

4. Create bike and pedestrian facilities that leverage the region’s attractions and unique destinations to
promote TOURISM and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT in Dubois County.

5. Create programs and policies which PROMOTE bike and pedestrian facilities in Dubois County and
ENCOURAGES new users.

6. Provide for sustainable GOVERNANCE and OVERSIGHT of the new bike and pedestrian network.

This project received recognition from the Indiana Chapter of the American Planning Association a Merit for Outstanding Transportation Planning in 2022.


Dubois County, Jasper, Huntingburg and Ferdinand, Indiana

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