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Neighborhood Planning

Fairdale Village Center Plan

Louisville, Kentucky


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group completed a plan for Fairdale Village Center that identifies recommendations to help the community become more livable and a destination for visitors. Fairdale shares a close relationship to a regional destination, Jefferson Memorial Forest, a 6,500 acre urban forest located 15 miles south of downtown Louisville, KY. The proximity to this regional draw creates an opportunity for Fairdale to be a gateway to the forest and a complimentary destination.

The planning process utilized a variety of engagement exercises to during public workshops to better understand the communities vision for the future of Fairdale. The feedback received was organized into 11 Big Ideas that fit into three categories; Gateways & Connections, Identity & Placemaking, and Land Use & Development. Many of the strategies reinforce concepts that will reinforce the existing character of the community while also developing stronger connections to the larger region.

Each of the 11 Big Ideas was developed into a recommendation that identified responsible parties, potential funding sources, and timeline. The plan, once adopted, will serve as a roadmap for future capital projects and a document to help guide growth and development.

The Fairdale Village Center Plan was recognized with a Merit Award in the planning & analysis category from the Kentucky Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.


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