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Comprehensive Planning

FORWARD Kosciusko County

Kosciusko County, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group contracted with the County in early 2021 to work with MACOG, Kosciusko County Community Foundation, K21 Health Foundation and local communities to build a sustainable vision for Kosciusko County’s future. Collaboration between the team and the appropriate parties will inspire a Comprehensive Plan that originates from community values and is refined through thoughtful analysis for future growth. The final Plan provides a clear road map to achieve its goals and identify the first steps towards implementation.

The FORWARD Kosciusko County Comprehensive Plan showcases the use of technology for collection of public feedback through virtual activities and events. Our use of technology provided a discussion forum and mapping opportunities that allows the team to connect with communities via an online platform. It offers a setting for residents, stakeholders, and community members to engage not only with the project team but also with each other

FORWARD Kosciusko County serves as the County’s comprehensive plan and includes detailed information and recommendations on local and county-wide land use, government and fiscal capacity, public utilities, facilities and services, placemaking, housing, transportation, agriculture, natural resources, parks and recreation, trails, and downtown revitalization. The final plan informs decision making related to capital and non-capital improvements through the creation of a new Kosciusko County Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).


Kosciusko County, K-21 Health Foundation, MACOG, Kosciusko County Community Foundation

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