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Comprehensive Plan

Hardin County Comprehensive Plan

Hardin County, KY


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group worked alongside Hardin County’s staff, elected officials, and community leaders to create the Comprehensive Design Guide, a planning document that establishes a citizen driven vision for future growth and development while fostering economic development and maintaining the county’s rural character and way of life. The project heavily favors public participation and gathering input from Hardin County residents. On top of a project website, public workshops, online surveys, and focus group meetings, county staff are also holding separate meetings in each of the communities within the county both to receive input and spread awareness of the plan.

This planning endeavor was in response to Ford’s announcement of the BlueOvalSK Battery Park in Glendale, Kentucky. This development has the potential to attract thousands of new residents and workers to the region, both during the construction phases of the project and as full-time employees after the plant fully opens. BlueOvalSK presents a major growth opportunity for Hardin County and it is the intention of the Comprehensive Development Guide to predict where that growth may occur to ensure utilities, public services, housing, transportation, and other needs are properly met.


Hardin County Planning and Development Commission

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