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Parks and Recreation Design

Indy Parks Playground Improvements

Indianapolis, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group (TSWDG), on behalf of Indy Parks, is currently leading a multi-disciplinary effort to complete design and construction drawings for six playgrounds located on the east side of Indianapolis including Brookside Memorial Grove, Brookside Park, Forest Manor Park, John Ed Park, Oscar Charleston Park, and Washington Park. In total, the construction value of the work is estimated to be $3 million.

In October of 2021, the City of Indianapolis announced that they would be making improvements to 27 parks using $16.5 million in federal funds. The park upgrades are just one component of the city’s three-year plan to spend roughly $419 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan.

As the lead firm, TSWDG is responsible for setting the design direction for all six locations. While each site design is unique, the concepts addressed within the design phase include neighborhood connectivity, responsible stormwater management, visitor comfort, and dynamic play experiences for multiple age and user groups.

TSWDG has been responsible for leading the overall production of design, construction documents, and cost development. To ensure community participation, TSWDG also led the public engagement process which included two community-wide open houses. Following the completion of the design process (anticipated in May 2023), TSWDG will oversee the project procurement process and will assist in construction administration to ensure that the six project sites move forward efficiently. Playground and site improvements are anticipated to be complete by 2024.


Indy Parks

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