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Community Outreach

KYTC Transportation Planning Outreach

State of Kentucky


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group has partnered with various engineering firms to provide outreach, communications and technical assistance on a variety of transportation planning studies for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission (KYOVA). These agencies serve as transportation planning agencies and forum for regional transportation decisions throughout Kentucky. The assorted plans developed a comprehensive understanding and profile of the project area’s existing multi-modal network to ensure user needs are considered as part of the region’s transportation planning and investment decision-making process. To accomplish this, our team was responsible for assisting in the development of the plans that are data driven, mapping analysis, development site identification and analysis, stakeholder engagement, and public outreach. Key efforts that Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group assisted in on these various studies include:

• Developed project branding/logo;
• Assisted facilitation of bi-weekly project meetings;
• Coordinated and created content for stakeholder engagement;
• Created online survey questions and publication;
• Completed recommendation project brief sheets;
• Completed base maps for existing conditions analysis
• Completed existing conditions roadway characteristics analysis maps;
• Completed feasibility / prioritization mapping analysis; and
• Created mapping and supporting text documentation for public review.



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