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Trails and Greenways

Louisville Loop

Louisville, Kentucky


The Cornerstone 2020 Comprehensive Plan identified the creation of a recreational ribbon encircling Louisville. That concept has evolved into the 100-mile Louisville Loop. Current planning for the Loop includes the development of a multi-use path connection, on-street bicycle facilities, rail-with-trail corridor, centralized trailheads with public art and design standards for the overall system. Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group has served as the project manager and lead designers for several assignments related to the establishment of the vision to implementation of various Loop segments. This work included overseeing a series of community forums that engaged residents in the development of the overall plans, plan routes, types of pedestrian connections and major community destinations. Specific work includes authoring the overall Louisville Loop Design Standards, creating the Loop Wayfinding Master Plan as well as design for specific trail segments, including the Ohio River Valley Northeast, Middletown-Eastwood Trail and Northeast Loop sections.

The overall Louisville Loop project includes the design of major trails alignments, design standards and policy development. The entire system is approximately a 100-mile trail that will encircle the city and link existing and new parks and neighborhoods to civic attractions, transportation alternatives and recreation opportunities. The foundation of this ambitious plan is rooted in the historic designs of noted landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted, who created the initial park and parkway system that are the models of open space for the city. The overall mission of the Louisville Loop is to connect users, residents and visitors to a greener and healthier community. Benefits of the system include enhancement of economic development opportunities, encouragement of smart growth along the Loop corridor, providing safe and accessible opportunities for multi-modal transportation needs, encouragement of healthy lifestyles, connections to neighborhoods, schools, parks and community destinations and the protection and appreciation of cultural and historic community assets.


Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation

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