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Parks and Recreation Design

Market Street Park

Huntingburg, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group created a design for Market Street Park that embraces the community spirit of place – connecting both current needs and uses, such as creating a signature space for the local festivals and events, as well as providing a more fitting setting for the Old Town Hall landmark. It was determined that the program elements for the park would include passive open space, a variety of “flex” plaza spaces, and a central gathering and performance area. The design features a signature double-sided performance area with a lawn terrace and plaza adjacent to the 4th Street Heritage Trail. An event promenade, with areas for seasonal farmers market vendor pavilions and seasonal ice-skating rink provides a central axis between Main Street (U.S. 241) and the Old Town Hall.

Public art opportunities are also found throughout the park site, including the creation of a community “Legacy Wall,” which incorporates interpretive art panels that features donor recognition panels and storytelling graphics. This project continues to promote the community and provides additional programming opportunities that are different than the other active recreation park spaces within the city. The designed space has already shown a high return on investment as evident by the subsequent economic growth in the surrounding area. The implementation of new projects, such as the development of the Current Blend entrepreneur center, were spurred by the creation of this welcoming public space. The Market Street Park project is setting the stage for a healthy and productive downtown community for decades to come.


City of Huntingburg

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