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Private Development and Site Design

Monon Roots Development

Indianapolis, Indiana


The Monon Roots Development is situated on a one-block, former industrial site along the Monon Trail. The surrounding Martindale-Brightwood and Kennedy King neighborhoods were seeing improvement at its conception, with the inclusion of new development and revitalization of existing infrastructure both residential and commercial. The development includes 8 buildings – four comprised of single-family attached residences and four as a series of townhomes – half of which are facing the Monon Trail and the rest on the Alvord Street front with an alley between.

Private Courtyard design focused on creating an extension of the home for indoor/outdoor living, producing functional packages for further customization by residents, and embracing urban living within a community close to downtown. Two palettes were created to pair with the various interior finish options that pulled the design aesthetics and materiality to the outdoors. The desired palette was then applied to any of four amenity packages – included, plus, premium or luxe. This process of engaging homeowners with design options and various amenity choices makes for unique units and fosters a sense of pride in their place within the Monon Roots community.

Community Plaza design focused on developing an identifiable character for Monon Roots, creating a common space for gathering and bolstering a sense of community, and making a meaningful connection between the site and the Monon Trail. The space was created to provide a pocket of vegetation amongst the city block of new development and provides seating, a small-scale dog park, and bicycle station for travelers off the Monon Trail.


Onyx + East

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