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Greenway and Trail Planning

Monon South Greenway Vision Plan

Southern Indiana Uplands Region


The Monon South Greenway Project seeks to articulate the vision to create a multi-modal greenway connecting the southern Indiana communities of Mitchell, Orleans, Leipsic, Saltillo, Campbellsburg, Salem, Pekin and Borden, Indiana. This 60+ mile corridor has the potential to transform a vacant rile line into a vibrant, active and unique linear greenway connecting these local communities as well as linking other regional destinations such as Spring Mill State Park and the Clark State Forest

It is anticipated that the trail will enhance desirability for relocation and population growth throughout the southern Indiana region; connect residents and tourists to cultural opportunities providing economic benefits to the region; and provide opportunities for all people to be physical active with this alternative mode of transportation. The visioning process included meeting sessions with a Project Stakeholder Team comprised of representatives from each community. As a result of this dialogue, a series of prototypical graphics were prepared to highlight the various opportunities along the greenway trail. In order to provide a hierarchy to the various trail access and landmark nodes, a series of four trailhead concepts were also developed. This typology includes creation of 1) Regional Trailheads; 2) Community Trailheads; 3) Local Trailheads and 4) Trail Rest Areas. This typology provides a fundamental basis of design for the proposed amenities and services at each proposed location that are ideally evenly dispersed along the 60-mile route. Preliminary cost estimates and funding resources were also developed as a key first implementation step at the conclusion of the process.


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