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Regional Development Plan

Our Southern Indiana READI

Clark, Floyd, Jefferson, Scott & Washington Counties, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group (TSWDG) worked with the Our Southern Indiana Regional Development Authority to create the Our Region | Our Plan – a regional initiative for southern Indiana. To accommodate the diverse stakeholders and their varying role in the plan’s implementation, Our Region | Our Plan was compromised of a suite of documents that both
build on and complement one another. Building upon this approach, a READI Work Plan was drafted to support the Regional Economic Development Plan and Organizational Work Plan for the Our Southern Indiana region’s READI submission. Together, our submission includes the following documents:

This work plan builds upon the Regional Economic Development Plan and addresses the specific information and criteria required by READI. The 18 projects identified as part of the READI plan will leverage over $1 Billion in public and private project funding with 8% READI Funds, 15% Public Funds and 77% Private Funds. Other anticipated metrics of the READI Work Plan include the attraction of over 58,000 new residents to the region; 13,000 new jobs, $56 million new one-time tax revenues from these investments; $20 million new annual tax revenues from continued operations, 2,200 new housing units, and an estimated $662 Million additional economic output due to the spending in the region. The READI Organizational Work Plan provides direction on how the RDA can and should function, including staffing, funding and plan updates.

As a result of this regional planning effort the Southern Indiana Our Region | Our Plan received $50M in READI funding from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation in 2021.


Our Southern Indiana Regional Development Authority

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