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Economic Development Planning

Our Southern Indiana Regional Development Plan

Clark, Floyd, Jefferson, Scott & Washington Counties, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group worked together with local community leaders to develop a broad and visionary strategic regional development plan for the Our Southern Indiana Regional Development Authority, the state’s newest RDA. Clark, Floyd, Jefferson, Scott, and Washington counties comprise the Our Southern Indiana RDA. Our team refined a regional vision, goals and objectives to deliver a plan focused on drawing investment and quality-of-life improvements to the region. The deliverables, in addition to the regional plan, included an organizational work plan for the RDA, individual county-specific work plans, and decision-making tools to determine regional impact and regional return on investment for future projects.

A paramount goal of this regional plan is to articulate a long-term vision that will improve the quality of life for the communities in the area. This vision will provide a direction for sustainable, connected, and vibrant communities in the region that drive strategic growth and investment in these counties.

Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group staff led the development of the regional plan elements including the definition of regional roles and responsibilities, the identification of regional projects, and the implementation tools needed to amend and update the plan in the future. Additionally, Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group staff led a multifaceted public outreach and engagement program that consisted of over 100 stakeholder interviews and 10 public meetings/ workshops.

This plan received the 2020 Economic Development Plan Award for from the Indiana Chapter of the American Planning Association.


Our Southern Indiana Regional Development Authority

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