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Comprehensive Planning

Plan 2040: Louisville Metro Comprehensive Plan

Louisville, Kentucky


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group together with Louisville Metro staff to organize, outline and format Plan 2040, a Comprehensive Plan for Louisville Metro / Jefferson County Government as well as refresh the Core Graphics. Louisville Metro lead the initial research, public engagement process and development of the CHASE Principles, Goals, Objectives and Policies. Our team was tasked with reviewing and finalizing these materials in addition to organizing this information into the final plan document.

Plan 2040 included an emphasis on creating a user-friendly document that could clearly communicate critical and complex plan components such as the CHASE Principles, Goals, Objectives and Policies. To further understanding and engage the reader, we worked with Louisville Metro to craft additional narrative and graphics to be included in the final plan. In addition to formatting the final document, our team also reviewed content to ensure the language was consistent and accurate.

The Plan 2040 won the Outstanding Plan of the Year Award from the Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association in 2019.


Louisville Metro

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