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Parks and Recreation Design

Rice Island Park

Corydon, Indiana


Rice Island Park is a unique setting within Corydon, Indiana. The 7-acre island was previously a recreation grounds during the WPA era where the community would gather to play baseball. The island is wrapped by Little Indian Creek, which creates a scenic edge to the island. Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group was then commissioned to develop a master plan that was then developed into construction documents for the development of a passive park. The design of the park responds to the Town’s desire to create a passive recreation destination that celebrates the local landscape and highlights the natural setting.

Rice Island Park will serve as a destination for the community. The primary features include parking and access from the low-water bridge, large walking loop and multi-purpose lawn, seating, renovated WPA building and shelter, streamside patio gathering area, restored and relocated bridge, playground with sculptural play features, new restroom building, and park entry sign. Environmental stewardship was utilized throughout the project design through the reuse of existing structures and materials, preservation of existing tree stands, minimized impacts to the stream bank, and sensitive design of the stormwater drainage system.


Town of Corydon

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