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Private Development and Site Design

River Centre

Jasper, Indiana


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group worked with a private developer on the concept to revitalize an abandoned factory in downtown Jasper, Indiana. The site is located adjacent to two significant properties, the Spirit of Jasper historic train depot and the Old Jasper Mill along the Patoka River. This project site includes the rehabilitation of the abandoned Jasper Cabinet warehouse, the construction of a new hotel, the inclusion of the Heart of Jasper Train Depot and connection to the current Jasper Riverwalk. The proposed concept will be an economic catalyst and create a new downtown destination with ample office and retail space, public gathering space, and residential units.

The rehabilitated warehouse was redeveloped into a mixed-use facility with a large new lobby, office and retail units on the first floor, one and two-bedroom apartments on the second and third floors, a rooftop terrace, a raised deck with seating on the street side of the building and a courtyard deck and green space in the back of the building for residents and visitors. The new River Road (currently an access drive for the warehouse) includes a special paving treatment that compliments the historic nature of the restored Heart of Jasper Train Depot. The pedestrian pathways also include a unique paving treatment and light fixtures with banners, in the same style as the fixtures used on the depot grounds. The current Jasper Riverwalk pedestrian bridge over the Patoka River remains intact, and is extended to the southwest to create an access point to the proposed extension of the trail along the river. Trail spurs leave the Riverwalk to converge in a central plaza with a water feature, public art, and covered seating, before continuing north past the depot and along Mill Street to 3rd Street. Two new parking lots were created, providing ample parking for residents and visitors of the River Centre facility and hotel. These lots were designed to be paved with pervious paving units or turf pavers to decrease the amount of impervious paving in the area along with the amount of storm water runoff that enters the municipal sewer system.


Boxer Girl, LLC

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