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Comprehensive Planning

Simpsonville Comprehensive Plan

Simpsonville, KY


Simpsonville Shines is a comprehensive planning effort intended to establish a framework that balances the growth and development opportunities with community priorities. Simpsonville residents and leaders recognize the advantageous position the community has to attract future development, but the primary concern isn’t so much about quantity as it is about the quality of development. Simpsonville is a community that values its existing character, recognizes the importance of providing and maintaining high-quality infrastructure services, and is content waiting for the right fit to come along. These “values” were used to establish the vision, serve as an organizational element for the comprehensive plan, and symbolize a particular action to which the community is committed to – Balancing, Connecting, Delivering, Exploring, and Activating.

The plan identifies four proposed growth areas to provide additional direction for future development. While portions of the proposed growth areas are within city limits, the community recognizes the need to plan for growth outside of its current limits. Each of these growth areas is intended to have its own unique character and identity and serve a different purpose for the community. As a supplement to the plan recommendations, TSWDG created a series of concept renderings to further illustrate some of the ideas generated through public input.


City of Simpsonville

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