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Corridor Planning

US 41 Corridor Plan

Henderson, Kentucky


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group led the development of a corridor plan for US 41 in Henderson, KY. The purpose of the US 41 Corridor Plan is to guide improvements to the corridor through the identification of potential projects that enhance the public realm while providing a safe, functional, and attractive corridor for travelers, pedestrians, and residents. The US 41 corridor acts as a major gateway into the city of Henderson, serving as a spine to Downtown with cultural attractions and riverfront amenities. It is often visitors’ and residents’ first impression of the community. As improvements are completed for I-69, it is critical to plan ahead for the vitality of the corridor.

The plan covers access and connections, sense of place and streetscape, and land use and redevelopment. The access and connections category includes improving access to and from destinations along the corridor with the help of appropriate wayfinding signage and strengthening connections by improving vehicular, pedestrian, and bicyclist connections to and from neighborhoods along the corridor. The sense of place and streetscape category includes creating a sense of place through enhancements to the corridor’s overall appearance with landscaping, material finishes, and a developed brand identity and enhancing the streetscape, functionally and aesthetically, through the inclusion of vehicular and pedestrian amenities. The land use and redevelopment category includes rethinking future land use to accommodate new forms of development, such as mixed-use development, and guiding future development through design standards. The final plan includes recommendations for vision, goals, and design principles for the corridor, as well as recommendations and action steps for access and connections, sense of place and streetscape, and land use and redevelopment.


Henderson City- County Planning Commission

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