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Zoning Ordinances and Regulations

West Riverfront District Zoning

Clarksville, Indiana


The Town of Clarksville hired Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group to facilitate an amendment of their current Comprehensive Plan and new Zoning Ordinance related to the West Riverfront District. Several changes were anticipated to occur within the district such as a multi-million-dollar private park, Origin Park, as well as infrastructure enhancements along Brown Station Way. This new investment in the district was anticipated to incentivize other new investments and redevelopment in the area. It was the desire of the Town to ensure that new development would align with existing character, support and enhance the historic and cultural significance, and respond to a sensitive and flood prone environment.

Our role in this process was to facilitate a planning process that included public input and guidance from a technical committee and key stakeholders to anticipate and plan for future growth in the district. The Comprehensive Plan Amendment included a vision statement, goals, and objectives for the district related to land use, connectivity, historic and cultural preservation, economic development, and stormwater and flooding. The Zoning Ordinance was a hybrid of traditional zoning and a form base code. The new ordinance divided the West Riverfront District into three subdistricts that included the natural areas of the park, residential neighborhoods, and shopping areas. Each of these subdistricts included regulations related to building types, and building and site design. This approach was to allow flexibility in the development review process as well as ensure responsible development.


Town of Clarksville

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