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Comprehensive Planning

Winchester- Clark County Comprehensive Plan

Winchester and Clark County, Kentucky


Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group led the development of the Winchester-Clark County Comprehensive Plan that featured an extensive and diverse community involvement strategy that included both traditional and web-based methods to actively engage community members throughout the process. As a result, over 850 people participated in various parts of the planning process to help define their vision for the future, which aimed to enhance community assets such as agriculture and history, expand and enhance quality of life and grow the economic climate.

Our team gathered thousands of comments and ideas throughout the process and organized this input into tangible plan elements and goals. Utilizing community input, planning best practices and community assets such as the community’s rich history and scenic landscape we helped to create strategies that achieved their overall vision for both Winchester and Clark County. This plan focused heavily on incorporating the multiple efforts concurrently occurring into concise goals, objectives and actions. To aid in implementation of the plan, we also provided a user-friendly action plan that identified and prioritized action steps and outlined partners, funding sources and other tools needed over the next 20 years. The plan was adopted in the summer of 2017.


Winchester Planning and Community Development

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