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TSWDG recognized with APA-IN Hoosier Planning Awards

The Indiana Chapter of the American Planning Association has recognized projects as part of the annual Hoosier Planning Awards program. TSWDG is honored to receive two award recognitions as part of this year’s program.

The FORWARD Kosciusko Comprehensive Plan received the Outstanding Plan award. FORWARD Kosciusko is a one-of-a-kind update to the County’s current 1996 comprehensive plan. The effort led by Kosciusko County, MACOG and the Kosciusko County Community Foundation with support from the local incorporated communities as well as their strategic community partners - encouraged residents, community leaders, and community organizations to come together to discuss local challenges, identify unique community features and determine how Kosciusko County and the local communities can grow, evolve and improve.

The Envision Ellettsville Vision Plan was recognized with the Outstanding Plan Honorable Mention award. This initiative was supported by the Greater Ellettsville Area Chamber of Commerce and Ellettsville Main Street and was born out of the need for a shared vision in order to take thoughtful, community-driven steps forward. For Ellettsville, the primary concerns were about the town’s ability to influence the nature of growth, maintain its character, and solidify a distinct identity that creates a strong sense of place. This plan outlines both physical improvements and policy updates that are rooted in thoughtful urban design and strategic planning. The Envision Ellettsville Vision Plan is just the beginning of a meaningful transformation and serves as a launching pad for incremental and transformative ideas that will strengthen Ellettsville’s identity and sense of place.

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